8 Best ways to promote your website

besy way

“Creating a website is not easy as you think and earning from website is not difficult”

Yes, you created a website and wrote a lot of articles, and now you thinking what to do next?

A website will never get succeed in 24 hours or in a month, you have to hard work on it till become popular.

how it’s possible?

When I started to blog, I was zero and I don’t know any technical side of the website. But I started to learn more about website or blog and now I am confidence on creating a website and make it a success in the online world.

If you are planned to start a blog, you should have knowledge in website and also you have to hard work to get succeed.

Here I am going to guide you through the process of promoting your website in simple and proved ways.

1.Learn and use SEO

I think, you already know about SEO(Search engine optimization)

I suggest you learn Seo because it is the best way to make your website visible on top of the search results without spending any money on advertisements.

Seo will help you to improve site quality and make the top of the table.Once you learn SEO, then you don’t have spent money for website anymore (for ads)

There are two types of Seo is that you have to know about

one is

On page SEO

On page, so it includes

Title of posts
Quality of contents
images that used on posts
Headline quality
the structure of posts

Off page SEO(second one)

Off-page, so is related to external factor of your content

Such as…

Social media
Backlinks and more

2. Guest blogging on other blogs.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful is your website and content unless people know about you and your website.

The best way to promote and let others know about your website is guest blogging.

You have to write the best article in any other blog and let people know about you and what you are writing about on your website.

You have to be very careful to write a topic when you guest blog. Because it is the best way to impress readers and that way you will get more traffic to your website.

3.Social Media Ads

“Facebook” Do you want me to introduce this social media?

“Of course not!”

Twitter and Google+ also social media that we are familiar with.

Coming to Facebook, it is the biggest network that influences with millions of people all over the world. So here is the chance to promote your website by creating a fans page on Facebook and sharing your updates on it.

Facebook is giving you the opportunity to grow your business by advertising through their social media.

How it’s work?

You can spend money to reach your page to the people who use the facebook and people will share your pages if they like.

So don’t wait to create a fan page on Facebook, it’s easy and quick.

Twitter is another media that you can trust. It allows you to share your updated information on Twitter and your followers will reach to your website through Twitter.

About Google+, It is a social media and people uses it as marketing place also, Google Plus is connecting people together and sharing their thoughts and status. So you can promote your website through sharing your latest posts and updates and let people know what you are offering for them

When you upload your information to your circle people will read it and they will try what you offering for them.

Promoting your website through ads is the good and quick way to make your site visible to the search engine results.

4. Brand your website.

Branding your website is how people recognize your website easy.

So branding is the easy way to make your site popular in the online world. Spend some time on branding your website and get people attention to your website as much as possible.

Don’t worry about traffic.

If your website becomes branded, then it’s easy to get huge traffic to your blog or website.

5. Focus on quality content.

A quality content is the backbone of your website. So, focusing on quality content will make your popular.

You have to think what you can do for your audience. Think from their side and write for them.

Don’t follow only what you like to write, but find what your audience needs.

Good content includes…

  • An attractive title
  • Good start
  • Big and attractive headlines
  • Separated paragraph
  • elaborated content
  • easy to understand
  • Love to read
  • Includes examples
  • Guides
  • Suggestions
  • External links if needs

This means you have to focus on your content and try to make it more quality.


Backlinks are an extra bonus to promote your website.Google will analyze your website and they check about the quality of specific website and backlinks shows that your website is suggested by a lot of other blogs and social media. So getting a link back to your website is an important process to get succeed in promoting the website.

That doesn’t mean, you have to create a lot of backlinks to your website. If you do any unusual things, Google will crawl your website and it causes to ban your website forever.So it’s more careful to avoid such frauds. you can suggest your blog posts to share on others blog. And also guest posting is the best way to link back to your website(if the blogger allows).

7.Commenting on other blogs…

I always try to keep touch with other bloggers because it will make my website more friendly and people will always seek what I have on your website.

Keep touch with other bloggers and try to read what they are saying, but don’t forget to comment on their posts. Because, when you have something to say to them or encourage them to write more, they will be more friendly to you and that way you will get huge traffic through their blogs.Once you comment on another blog, you created an advertisement of your website on another blog.

8. Create and upload videos to Youtube.

People are very fast, Most people want to know information through videos and they love to learn new things through tutorial videos.

If you want to promote your website, then you have to create any video that you are giving information about your brand of the website.

Don’t forget to link back to your website.

If your video goes viral, you will get a large amount of traffic to your website and you can make money through your video by showing ads on your video.

So, create videos that related to your website niche and upload it to the youtube.


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