Why wordpress is the best blogging platform for beginners?


So, you planning to start a new blog, but you have no idea which is the best blogging platform to choose and where you have to invest money.
A lot of blogging platform is available and why most of the people choosing WordPress?

WordPress power 28% of the internet

Do you know this? How it’s happened?

Because they are the best content management system that providing great services to their clients.

My first blogging platform was Blogger and I worked on it for six months. Blogger is another good blogging platform that you can choose, but my favorite is WordPress. Because it giving more features to make my blog easy to use and also providing good themes and attractive designs.

When I started to blog, I had many questions on my mind and that made me find all the answers that make me confused.A few months later, I found, WordPress has a supporting desk and I can search all the answers for the problems that I am facing.

“A lot of branded websites are using WordPress”

because it’s community and features are great.

Here I am going to tell you why WordPress is the best platform for me.

1.Easy to Start

Like anything else, WordPress is easy to start and simple to use its features.That means, there is no hidden steps to start a new blog, straight to the matter with a lot of features. So, you can start a new blog within 5 minutes or less.

Through the registration process, you can select which theme you want for your new blog and also you can choose domain name at the same time.

Don’t worry, you can choose it after registration.

2. More features

WordPress is updating more features in a period of time.That means you can enjoy new features.It allows you to make your blog more attractive and professional.

3.Wordpress will guide you

WordPress knows you are new to the blogging world and you need help.So, they are giving all the answers for the questions that you face in WordPress. WordPress supporting forum will help you to find the answers for your doubts about WordPress. And also they are helping to find the domain name and hosting plans.

4. SEO friendly

A lot of branded websites are using WordPress. because WordPress is the content management system(CMS) that getting high results on search engines.That means, supporting of SEO, it allows getting your website top rank in google search(you have to work on SEO to get huge traffic to your website). You can upgrade your plan to business plan to access Seo tools and other features. And also you can monetize your website or blog, upload videos, custom domain name and live chat support.

You have to learn SEO and apply it on your website or blog to get huge traffic.

5.Optimized for mobile phones

We know, mobile phones are the first choice for using the internet and other media. Therefore, WordPress is focusing on smartphones and tablets to make their audience easy to access their services and also give the best experience in mobile application.Once you install the mobile app, you can use WordPress when you want.That means you can write posts and ideas when you get a spark on your mind.If you couldn’t finish the post then you can save it as a draft and complete it later.

6.Themes and customization

Choosing right and attractive design for your blog is the first step to success in blogging career.Select the best design for your blog and start to blog. If you didn’t like the default design of your blog theme, then you can customize it and rearrange the basic options and other widgets.

If you are in basic plans and you need a better theme and other options, you can upgrade your plans to premium or business plan.

Premium plan allows you to use many other features and services that WordPress provides.Upgrading to premium plan is not free, you have to purchase it.Thousands of themes, CSS editing option and you can monetize your blog.

WordPress is the biggest content management system that powers 28% of the internet.

Can you please tell me why you like WordPress? if you don’t then what is the reason?


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