These are the best tools that every blogger needed!


We know, we have to hard work to put a signature in history.But choosing the right way is difficult for everybody.So, I believe that I chose the best one.Yes,”Blogging” is the suitable job or business for me.
Coming to the blogging life, You have to research about this. When I stepped into the blogging world, I thought it is an easy way to make money. The reality is, you can make a huge amount of money from a blog. All you needed is to put a little effort into it and work sincerely.
Today I am going to tell about some tools that needed for a blogger to make their blog more professional and easier.These tools will help you to improve your blogging skills.



For me, there is no second thought to choose a blogging platform. Because WordPress is the best Content management system (CMS).You might have doubts about WordPress and you may think why it is best in the world.
I am saying these words from my 6 years of experience in blogging and WordPress is the blogging platform. Coming to WordPress dashboard, it’s offering many options and services. And also they help you to improve your blog to next level.If you still confused about blogging platform, try WordPress and feel the difference.As a beginner, it is a little bit problem to understand how to use the tools, but it is the best that ever you have.

2. Gmail

I hope that you know the importance of an email in your blogging life.A good blogger knows how to use his email account to improve his blog. And Gmail is the best mailing services that you can use.I am using my Gmail to know latest blogging news and researching what others telling about the blogging world.And it will help other services through the email.


3.Google Adsense and AdWords

Google is everywhere, so without google, we can do nothing in the internet world. For blogging, Google services are very helpful tools to make it more professional and profitable. First off, Adsense, it is the way to monetize your blog and once you register on Google Adsense you are eligible for making money through the ads giving by google advertising have to hard work to get huge traffic to your blog and this way people can click the ads on your blog.
AdWords are the best way to promote your blog or website to the search engine.if you are planning to make your blog as a business, then google allows you to show your ads on their search engine.All you have to make pay money for each click made by your customer or readers.


4.Google Analytics and Google Search Console

I believe, there is no magic to understand what your reader’s mind.But you can track their activities on your blog. Google Analytics is the best tool for track and reports the website traffic. It analyses what your readers doing on your blog and how long they staying on a page or blog.Through this, you can understand readers likes and dislikes. It means, Google Analytics helps to improve your blog and it shows you all information about your blog traffic and page quality.
Google search console is helping to monitor your blog to the search engine. if you updating new posts on your blog and you don’t have to send it to the google search engine. it allows you to reach your updates to the google.



I have no doubt, I will make mistakes again and again. So, I was searching to solve this problem and finally, i got an application, “Grammarly” and it helps to reduce my mistakes.Once you log in to this application and activate it, then it will show your spelling mistakes and other grammar mistakes. if you are using a trial version of this apps, you can only correct your spelling mistakes. But don’t worry they have an upgrade version that allows you to use all their tools and features.For me, it is a good tool for a new blogger to reduce their grammar mistakes.


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