4th Annivesary of weonlife

hi friends,

Right now i am lying on bed and thinking about the journey of my blogging life. Today is, the 4th year of journey with weonlife.wordpress.com. Years are gone like a kites in the sky, i was enjoying my journey of writing and i met many people all over the world.And that made me happy and tought me alot.My hungry of words made me to learn more about blogging and it’s carried me to the world of words.

I believed, people who born on may, are great in writing and acting. For me, i love to write, these decition made me to enter to the blogging life.

Thanks all who supported me.

I know, i makes mistakes, but you guys supported me more than anything else and it made me to write more.

Thank you all for your support and you encouraged me to write.

How weonlife born?

As the Title name, i started this blog to help people who have no confident in their life. I wrote many article to motivate others and my heart believed that people will get confindent through my words.

Now, i learned money is the power of life and if you have money then you get confidence. So, i added blogging tips and make money to my blog to help people.

whats next?

Now, i am working under someone else. And, I am saving money to buy a domain name and hosting. After three months, i will get a domain name and i need some co-workers for SEO and proof reading and also for content write.

My dream is to become a good writer.

Thanks for your support and keep supporting me.


Anishad anshu


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