About me

we are starting to give you more ideas and information to worldwide people.This blog is mainly looking for your happiness and your satisfaction.We are happy to serve you and we are still updating new features to give more fun and more information to you.i am writing all the posts by personal experiences and lightening ideas that from my brain.So keep touch with us and support us.


About me.

I am Anishad from kerala, here i am writing this blog. i wouldn’t write about me because i didn’t have confidence until i learned to stay positive mind. But now i can show who i am.My college was a boring life so i didn’t complete my degree that means my qualification is higher secondary (high school its calling in other countries and PU in other states of my country). So getting job was difficult one for me but i searched everywhere but i didn’t have confidence for face interview. This made me sad and low confidence. But i spent three months for getting confidence and stop being nervousness. Yes, i succeed in my mission.

I hope you are not getting bore with my journey of life to the blogging.

And i got a job,but i thought about lot of people having same problem as i had. So it’s made me to write about motivations and gain confidence

Why i started ?

Going through life, it gives us lot of experiences and challenges. i had to think deep about the people how they reacting to there life in different situations. So i understood lot of peoples are confused about life and they don’t know how to make them perfect in life. It made me to help them and give tips for their life. There is always a way to solve all problems in our life. So i decided to find all the ways to make my life better.


By: Anshu


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